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With the agreement of the parties involved (insurance company, policyholder, broker), we can carry out a remote examination of the situation and the damage. Our Visio Expertise tool requires no third-party application to be installed on the user's smartphone/tablet. The insurance broker or agent can easily be involved, while also remaining at a distance. Our system is multi-user, professional, secure and fully integrated with the "Zéphyr" business application used by all our experts.​

In just a few steps, Here's how a DB Group Visio Expertise works.

1. Before the Video Assessment


As soon as we have received the assessment request from your

insurance company, we enter your case file into our

computer system.


Shortly afterwards, our secretariat will contact you and/or your insurance

agent/broker in person. Your agent/broker may be involved in all stages

of this new settlement method.


During a telephone call, we assess with you the feasibility of a remote assessment called "DB Group Video Assessment".

The main benefit of this type of assessment is, of course, that your claim is settled quickly.

If the required conditions are met, we will set the day and time when our loss adjuster will contact you on your smartphone/tablet to conduct the Video Assessment of your losses and circumstances.




2. During the Video Assessment


At the agreed time, our loss adjuster sends the people invited an SMS or email containing a single URL link. Users can then simply click on this link from their mobile device. That’s all that’s required. 

From this point on, our loss adjuster views the images filmed by the smartphone/tablet, which is geolocated during the remote assessment (* in future version), remotely on his/her own tablet.




If necessary, the adjuster will take photos of important aspects of your case file (losses, cause of the claim, any supporting documents).  These photos are automatically added to your case file and kept available for your insurance company.


At the end of the assessment, basing their judgement on the technical elements viewed, the additional information that you will have provided during the discussion and any supporting documents, our loss adjuster automatically sends a damage assessment to your smartphone screen.


You can choose to accept or reject this offer using the corresponding buttons.


If you choose to accept the offer, our computer system records the submission from your smartphone. 


3. After the Video Assessment


A final report is sent promptly to your insurance company,

which can then indemnify you in accordance with the general conditions of your policy.


Should any particular difficulty arise or if you choose to reject the offer made by the loss adjuster, we will arrange a traditional on-site assessment as soon as possible.

"FAQ" DB Group Video Assessment" (by DB Group International srl)



1. What technical issues might there be for the insured?


None at all, because our solution does not require the installation of any third-party application on the end user's mobile device. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can start the Video Assessment stream by simply clicking on the URL address received. 



2. Are the photos taken during the DB Group Video Assessment stored on the smartphone used?


No. The photos are immediately sent to the DB Group server where they are archived and kept available to the insurance company for 10 years. They are not stored on the smartphone and therefore do not take up unnecessary space.



3. What about the storage space required for the photos taken during the DB Group Video Assessment?


The size is each photo is around 200k. This presents no storage problems for DB Group. It is just the same as an on-site assessment. The photos are archived by DB Group and are available to the Company for 10 years after the case file is closed.



4. Who takes the pictures during the DB Group Video Assessment?


Both the loss adjuster (via remote photography) and the smartphone user.



5. What are the main advantages of DB Group Video Assessment?


Fast claim settlement.

Immediate decision as to measures to be taken, for example.



6. How long does it take to settle a DB Group Video Assessment claim?


48 hours after receipt of the assessment request (see how to send assessment request).



7. What types of claims can the DB Group Video Assessment be used for?


An exclusive DB Group Video Assessment is provided for IDI, ID, IT, INC, and IHV files, with your agreement. However, the DB Group Video Assessment can be integrated into more complex files, which will then be considered as "mixed", files i.e. with on-site visits and DB Group Video Assessments for the monitoring of certain stages (e.g. removal, opening).



8. Does the DB Group Video Assessment allow for multiple participants (Insured in their home, broker at their office, repairer in their workshop and loss adjuster in their office)?

Yes, this is no problem.



9. How is the insured's acceptance/refusal of the offer formalised?


At the end of the DB Group Video Assessment, the offer is sent automatically to the smartphone screen along with Accept-Refuse buttons. The insured's choice is submitted to the DB Group, where it is recorded. We retain the official record of acceptance/refusal from the smartphone used for the DB Group Video Assessment.



10. How will assets be verified in a DB Group Video Assessment?


 By questioning the insured if a breakdown of assets is involved.


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