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Has your building, your material or your goods just been damaged?

Is your civil liability under question by a third party?

Are you in dispute with a third party?


For any of these reasons, and if your insurance company has appointed us, our support team will contact you and/or your insurance broker within 24 hours of receiving your claim to arrange an appointment as soon as possible, at a time that is convenient for you.


As soon as we are informed that we have been appointed, you are also free to contact us on +32(0)78 05 00 00 with your company’s insurance claim reference number to hand.



The assessor’s role:


Based on the assignment given to us by your company, our assessor will evaluate your damages, identifying the cause and any possible recourse. They will explain in a clear and detailed way how the assessment has been calculated. This will never guarantee that the amount set is agreed by the insurance company.


Before the assessor’s visit:


As far as possible, ensure that as much documentary evidence

(estimate of the damages, photos, etc.) as possible is made available to the assessor.

This will make it quicker to handle your claim.

After the assessor’s visit:

The assessor will send their report to your company within 3 days of their visit. Where the report is final, your company will then state their decision regarding covering the damage and will establish the exact amount of compensation, taking into account any excess. Where applicable, the amount owing will be paid into your bank account by your insurance company.

For policyholders
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